Thursday, 28 May 2015

Readers' Poll: The 3 Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Films You Must Watch

Arnold Schwarzenegger epitomizes the ultimate strength gained through enough hard work. And for all those Arnold Schwarzenegger fans out there, this is the readers’ pick of the 3 best movies of Arnold’s.

Until Twins released in 1988, Arnold Schwarzenegger was also known to have done action films. ‘Twins’ revealed the amazing comic side of Arnold which took everyone by surprise. People loved his humorous rapport with Danny DeVito. Sounds fascinating? Watch the movie and experience a hilarious ride.

'The Running Man'
When you combine a 1982 Stephen King novel written under the pseudonym Richard Bachmann, with a Family Feud host Richard Dawson, football great Jim Brown and two future governors (Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura) along with choreography by Paula Abdul; you get a movie named The Running Man. Grossing more than $38 million, even Arnold felt critical of the outcome but the movie went on to become a cult classic.

'Last Action Hero'
John McTiernan is really good at directing an action movie. He gave us Die Hard and Die Hard With a Vengeance. Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the meantime, knows how to perform in an action movie. And when we combine them both, we get a movie named ‘Last Action Hero.’ The movie indeed is one of Arnold’s greatest ever made. However, the hype around 'Last Action Hero' was considered somewhat insane with grave critics’ reprimands. It made a disappointing $137 million; however, his fans still love it. What about you?