Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Baahubali- The Beginning: Review

The highlights of Baahubali are perhaps many from topless men fighting bulls to couples kissing amidst beautiful orchids make the viewing experiencing all the more animated. Not to forget the 45-minute battle, SS Rajamouli’s two-part movie is perhaps his magnum opus.

The most expensive and most awaited, however does it meet the viewers’ expectations?
Baahubali is perhaps the most exuberant Indian movie till now. Now to achieve this kind of exuberance, the producer has spent a bomb. Does it meet the expectations? Well, you got so many reasons to believe in the affirmative.
Now the movie revolves around an eponymous hero named Baahubali (one who has strong arms)

Behind the scenes
Rajamouli clearly asked his co-workers "What can't be done with all this money?" You would like to watch a man wrestle with a bull with bare hands? Done. 2 lovers escaping an avalanche? Done. 2 heroes evading 20,000 arrows with his sword alone? Well, why not!

Now the movie is really gripping. It is just like the straight-ahead simplicity of our favorite videogames which keeps the players (here viewers) engrossed. Whenever Baahubali accomplishes a task, there erupts a new challenge in front of him. For instance, upon climbing up a waterfall, Baahubali (the genial and strong) finds himself strayed amidst a civil war. With a glance of the warrior princess, Avanthika (Tamannaah Bhatia), does Baahubali realize which side to support.

Now to say in one line, it is a throwback reminding you what really makes a brilliant movie which graces the multiplex. A brilliant movie is not just about a hero, a villain, a few fights, a few songs, and a happy ending. Rajamouli shucks the myth with his skilful choreography of all the elements. Roll on 2016.