Wednesday, 26 August 2015

3 Important Takeaways From Mission Impossible

The cult movie franchise Mission Impossible has its latest release receiving clamorous praises. The Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation continues to uphold the legacy and also alludes to 3 important things we can learn. They are as follows-

Nothing is impossible

Tom Cruise crosses all barriers in Rogue Nation with the first stunt of the flick, when he takes the aerial route. He hangs out of an Airbus airplane even after it has taken off, waiting for Benji (Simon Pegg) to ‘open the door’. So what if he isn’t playing the Man of Steel, he has nerves of steel to do anything and he proves that in the opera sequence.

Never put your faith in anyone

Except for Tom Cruise and his core team – Jeremy Renner as William Brandt, Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn and Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell – nobody is to be trusted, no matter what. Just like in the first installment that came out in 1996, Hunt develops trust issues here and is betrayed by someone you least expect to be the betraying sort.

Never say die
Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt is nothing short of a superhero – he can impersonate anyone (Martian Manhunter). He has the arsenal to counter all possible scenarios (like Batman. His team trusts him because they know that even when the chips are down, Hunt is on the move. Just like he did in the last 4 movies, Tom Cruise’s character changes the balance of the equation by going all out, displaying his bravado.


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