Friday, 18 September 2015

Welcome Back- Movie Review

Welcome Back highlights our winsome-twosome humbled goons Uday (Nana Patekar) and Majnu (Anil Kapoor) who want their sister (Shruthi Hasan) to get married. Eventually, she ends hooking up with a bhai (John Abraham). The rest of the story is just mayhem. This is for those who like to watch typical Anees Bazmee slapstick comedy flicks.

Movie review-
Welcome Back is only an attempt to please a specific category who love comedy in the form of deliberate clumsy actions and embarrassing humorous events. Majnu(Anil) and Uday(Nana) continue to give us giggles as they did in Welcome which came in 2007. They are fresh as usual, younger, and vibrant than before thanks to their garish outfits worn throughout the movie. Another one flaunts garish bikinis is Chandni (Ankita) who is a newbie. Chandni is the girl who befell to be the common love of Uday and Majnu, once again! And what adds to further banality is Uday’s and Majnu’s oath to marry their sister, Ranjana(Shruti) first before they marry.

Cut 2, and the plot now moves from Dubai to Mumbai. Here, comes the entry of Ajju bhai(John Abraham). He starts with a cheeky dialogue, “I know thousand and sixteen ways of breaking the 206 bones of a human body! The crunch-and-punch fights which proceed will continue till your eyes hurt. Rest of the story is all gibberish where you will get to see Wanted Bhai(Naseeruddin Shan) who is hired by Uday and Majnu to kill Ajju Bhai for past enmities. Seems complex? Oh it is way convoluted!

Lastly, I would applaud Anil and Nana who play convincingly jovial characters and kudos to Dimple, Paresh and Naseer for letting go.


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