Monday, 30 November 2015

Spectre: Review

Spectre is a poorly cooked recipe made up with a concoction of irrelevant nostalgia and newfangled. Spectre is a kind of movie that will bore the living daylights out of a person while intimidating her to remember James Bond as a culturally unrelated remnant of the past.


Spectre comes out at as a textbook version of Jeffrey Archer’s novel- “Be careful what you wish for”
Sam Mendes has directed the film with the same set of screen writers onboard that were there for Skyfall. Spectre starts off with an excellent opening scene where Daniel Craig and Stephanie Sigman roam around Mexico City. And then 007 takes the onus to track down visiting terrorists and execute his thing.

This first part of the initial sequence is all one long take. The following scenes are a filled with visual splendor, believe-your-eyes stunt work. It gave me sort of a jolt as the opening sequences does show moments from the past three Craig films. However, what after the opening credits, the film moves to a grueling halt. The passing sights of Judi Dench (who is conspicuously missed) and Eva Green puts you through not a pleasant journey but a foreboding one alluding to the fact that everything is coming full circle in an unusually unsatisfying manner!

However, here is one encouraging thing about Spectre, about this 007 franchise. If it results that they drop the ball on this film (which is the case), they can start afresh from scratch. James Bond will return. However, he’d better shape up prior to be known (or forgotten) as a cast away character. There is only one man who can save James Bond needs; it is the bell call for Martin Campbell!

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