Thursday, 17 December 2015

Angry Indian Goddesses-Movie Review


Freida played by Sarah Jane Dias summons her friends to her home in Goa to partake in one of her biggest days- Marriage! While the ladies stay together, they share with each other their share of joys, dilemmas, and sorrows. The trip however has a happy ending?


Pan Nalin’s film is an honest take on the growing tortures against women. The film made up of unusual female buddies that convey Nalin’s message strongly - Misogyny runs deep in most Indian minds. The first half runs breezy keeping you engaged with conversations that are profound. The angst-ridden Sandhya Mridul, the delicate Tannishtha Chatterjee, the guiltless Sarah Jane Diaz, the assenting Anushka Manchanda, and the tranquil Amrit Maghera stand out through their well-rooted performances. Pavleen Gujral pours the right dose of romance at certain intervals and Rajshri Deshpande’s a sight of glee to the eyes. Together, all show a pleasant mix of love and friendship.

Alas, there’s no strong screenplay. The film's pace seems fidgety. Though things buckle up in the second half, the end seems a hare-brained mess. The cause of disinterest starts when you are able to predict the climax that unravels with all its clich├ęs.
The tirade about women being dominated by society frequents lot of times and this walloping brand of feminism works very little in favor of the film.

Angry Indian Goddesses is a good movie if you go with little expectations. It’s a perfect instance of how anger leads to very little good after all.

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