Monday, 18 January 2016

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip—Movie Review

The latest instalment continues with the misadventures of the 3 chipmunks. Simon, Theodore, and Alvin.

Review From Movie Holic ME -
The latest flick, Road Chip from the series is sloppy yet loveable. Walt Becker does not miss to bring in novelty in fluff entertainment which is his forte. Don’t expect Chipmunk movies to take you through a gripping story but the latest flick is thankfully a more charming effort in that direction. Nevertheless, it requires you to bear enough poop and fart gags till you slip in the better half of the movie. It’s all worth the wait when you are amused to see them wobble breaking into gigs and gags.

There are some things which do not really should have been there. For instance, the scene reflecting Air Marshall's sentimental backstory that leads to his hatred for tiny fluffy things is a no-needed trivia.
The cause of hoot throughout the movie is the pursuit of the agitated air cop for the mischievous rodents. The crackling finale gag is a good bang-on end to the movie.


There’s not much mad rush throughout the movie. There are two touching moments in the movie. One moving moment is when Dave adopts the mischievous rodents legally. Another is when Miles begins to start looking at the chipmunks as its family and not enemies. To be honest, Miles’ heart transformation was a little unexpected. However, it is just fine considering the age group the movie caters to.
Overall, just conceal your expectations and you will enjoy seeing chipmunks dilly-dallying alongside their gibberish yet amusing music.

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